Burnt Tree and the World in Ruin

we are the air you breathe, we are the star glow in your eyes. we wander among the frozen lungs of the forest, hanging lanterns to mislead your path. entwined with our magic, hanging on our song, until the grass swallows your bones.

Howling Wind of Change

There were no prophecies or signs. There were only blood and screams. Pain and punishment. A cursed elvin mage stands alone against human invader. All he can lose is his soul.


Personal blog of a minimalist mom who loves write and coffee 🙂

Resurrecting Chicago.

My blessing and curse is that I seem interested in just about anything except accounting and Facebook.  I love the visual arts and music from Gregorian chant to  Wynton Marsalis. Good books have always been my reliable companions wherever I go. I’ve traveled with Melville (Moby Dick), Dante (The Divine Comedy),  James Patterson, and Ann Rice […]

Christian loving and living

Christian loving and living , and a gospel blog , full of inspiration to live christian life . living as christian made easy with this blog , get tips that will inspire you to live the life full of hope