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Chris Lovie-Tyler

Kiwi, Christian, husband, dad, and, since 2019, painter. I created this blog to share my work, explore what it means to be an artist and a Christian, and connect with like-minded people.

70 By 70

This blog is about by my pursuit of 70 photography goals I want to achieve by the time I reach 70 years old. You can see my full list under the page “The List”.

Vegan Book Blogger

Fascinating and engaging book reviews and encouragement you’ll want to read.

Heidi from Finland

Everyday life and kitchen psychologist’s insights with 40 years of experience from Finland. Family stories ♥ and tips on digital entrepreneurship and remote work.

This Is My Day

Personal blog of a 60-something woman, living in Wales.


I’ve been blogging for over 19 years, and truly treasure the personal blog. On my blog you’ll find posts about technology and starting an online business as well as personal things going in my life, including the occasional travelogue.

E.T. Breathes

E.T. Breathes is an outlet for the writer to document her journey. She expresses herself through art and writing. She hopes to reach out by sharing her story. E.T. — the writer’s initials, which likewise mean extraterrestrial. Breathes — the act of existing and living. She is diving into the unknown, expressing her emotions and […]

Drawn to Japan

Dive into the nuances of life in Japan while navigating the world of drawing comics. A blog by Comic artist, Darryl Knickrehm, artist of Simulation Theory, Feeder, The Argus, The Immortal, and Lost Souls: Haywire. Posts about Japan every Monday. Posts about drawing comics every Friday

Talk & Listen

A personal blog chronicling the psychological & psychotherapeutic musings of my life as a human “with issues” lost in a social world!

One Starry Night

Hi! I’m Sarah (aka StarryMom). Over the past 23 years, I’ve written about my day-to-day life and on topics such as blogging, photography, recipes, and more. I’m a 42-year-old mom who occasionally works as a freelance web developer.