Bookwyrming Thoughts

Started in November 2012 and currently run by two bookwyrms, Bookwyrming Thoughts started as a creative outlet to share thoughts about books and related content with other readers. Since then, it has evolved to other posts of interests, ranging from movies and TV shows to blogging tips. They’re made with care, containing shenanigans, personality and […]


Running a BBS since 1996, blogging on the livejournal since 2000, I present to you now, OH.MG.


My personal blogging space. I post weekly list of link recs (articles, videos, various resources, etc.), a log of my playthrough of Dwarf Fortress, and various other things.


These days it’s mostly my fitness stuff with other posts mixed in.

Susanne writes

Welcome to my blog! Here I write about life in West Cork, about my musical adventures involving guitars, and about related topics.

A forty-something’s foray back into blogging after 10 years!

Todd Reads

My blog features reviews, recaps (analysis of book series I read as a kid and am rereading today), and features (articles about books). I read adolescent fiction, horror, and mysteries, primarily, but I will read anything. I am looking to network and interact with other bibliophiles and book bloggers. Feel free to drop in and […]