Todd Reads

My blog features reviews, recaps (analysis of book series I read as a kid and am rereading today), and features (articles about books). I read adolescent fiction, horror, and mysteries, primarily, but I will read anything. I am looking to network and interact with other bibliophiles and book bloggers. Feel free to drop in and […]

Healthy Days Blog

HealthyDaysBlog: The latest health news and health advice – health, nutrition, corona, wikipedia, depression, pregnancy, calorie, diabetes, news

Booktastically Amazing

​ Welcome to Booktastically Amazing, (oh my gosh, so fancy) a place where spoilers are thrown like heart attacks and emotions are always high. Where sarcastic remarks are as normal as breathing and love triangles are the epitome of heart-wrenching beauty (when done right, that is, very sparse moments, but I have hope). Here you’ll […]

Susanne writes

A personal blog where I share thoughts about music and photography, and when some kind of post-pandemic life happens I’ll share about life in Ireland and why West Cork is the best place on earth.

Starbreaker is an attempt by Matthew Graybosch at writing web fiction from multiple viewpoints. Each character is an author on this site. Piece the story together from their blog posts, and share your favorites.

Matthew Graybosch

This is my personal website, where I post about whatever interests me and share my fiction. Everything I post here is my own opinion unless otherwise attributed.

Hiiii, my name is Nessa! I’m a 30 something mama of 3. Living my happily ever after with Nick. ♥ Tattooed. Coffee addict. Loves all things Disney & Sailor Moon. My hobbies include web + graphic design, playing TCG’s, and spending time with my family.


A self-titled blog about a variety of topics including books, cats, gaming, and more.