Hey, it’s J

My personal blog, where I post about my life, opinions, and sometimes serious issues.

The Book Review Crew

The Book Review Crew is a group of avid readers coming together to share reviews and other bookish things.


Salvaged.nu is a website that salvages lost Photoshop resources from lost blogs of the 00s, converts them to modern formats, and re-uploads them – giving life to them, and their creative possibilities, once again.

Lotus Gazette

Lotus Gazette Articles on wellness, health, and lifestyle

Pink Coffee Dreams

I’m Heidi, a digital marketing entrepreneur, blogger, influencer and mother of 3 boys from Finland. My everyday life revolves strongly around my family with children and digital marketing entrepreneurship. I’ve tried countless ways to earn money and work online from home. I’ll share with you some of what I have learned over the years.

the global journal

One of the best online journals that will help you stay up to date with the most recent global news. The articles talk about different subjects such as economics, politics, life, technology and many other impactful news from everyday life.

Kids Next Door

This is an online blog that is dedicated to the needs of every day individuals. The blog aspires talk about interesting topics that will make the day of any individual.

Life with Vero

Personal blog of a work from home techie that loves movies, tv shows, gaming, and her husky puppy.


The personal blog of Nellie Aurora – a web creative, social scientist, podcast host, and dynamically disabled Kiwi living in the Netherlands.