NTTR – No Time To Review

An eclectic quick review of 1.000 new music albums per year. All genre, but with a main focus on Progressive Rock and everything with guitars in it.

Michael Elliott Photography

The musings of Michael Elliott – Londoner and Film Photographer-Flâneur extraordinaire – on and around film photography, photography in general and more.

Heavy Chronicle

Heavy Chronicle is a dedicated platform for metal enthusiasts, offering insightful articles, reviews, and stories that resonate with the metal community. From band profiles to concert experiences, the website delves into every facet of the metal genre, serving as a hub for fans and aficionados alike.

Angelica’s Site

A site dedicated to all the things that I love! No matter how random or weird! is a treasure trove of free downloadable worksheets that are perfect for Toddlers and Preschoolers! Our website is designed to help parents, caregivers, and educators provide engaging and educational activities for young children. Whether you’re looking for fun coloring pages, alphabet and number recognition exercises, or hands-on learning activities, our website has something for […]


My personal research regarding various mathematical topics.


A very, very casual gaming blog that follows my online adventures in the whacky world of MMORPGs, as well as forays into other types of games, movies, TV and nerd culture. Follow my stream-of-thoughts at your own risk!