My personal research regarding various mathematical topics.


A very, very casual gaming blog that follows my online adventures in the whacky world of MMORPGs, as well as forays into other types of games, movies, TV and nerd culture. Follow my stream-of-thoughts at your own risk!

The personal blog of a 30-something dynamically disabled and neurodivergent immigrant woman who writes about social science, creating for the web & print, her favourite things, living well, and her life in general.

The Realistic Collector

I decided to create this blog because I want to show everyone realistic box opening experiences, whether it be trading card game boxes, sports cards boxes, non-sports cards boxes or perhaps something else, as long as it’s collectible. I want to show genuine experiences, so both the good and the bad. Next to that I’m […]

Newsboy Audio

From Speakers to Amplifiers, I love audio gear and other technologies. It’s been a passion of mine for a long time. Over the course of time, I became an amateur audio trader and enthusiast. I love the sound Excellent audio gear makes, and I really enjoy a pure sound. I’ve decided to document my experiences […]


Personal blog of a geek/nerd who loves sci-fi and fiddling with data.

Nomad Veronica

I’m a recovering “American Dream” addict. My entire life was carefully created to show off on social media. I bought the designer items, sent the kids to a prestigious private school, drove my electric vehicle, and had the quintessential white picket fence. I was also bored AF. Nowadays I’m a minimalist, nomad, travel hacker, obsessed […]