Poor Happy Girl

Life, gaming, books, reviews… your typical online journal/smorgasbord of a slightly loopy Nordic woman.

Fighting for Life

A blogger from one of the states in Malaysian Borneo Island. I blog about life, current thoughts and stuff I like & interested in.

Education and ICT

A teacher blog on education, ICT, distance learning and on how to create a classroom of the future! I write about Google Education Suite and digital tools and lifehacks for teaching and learning.

Misssfaith – Yoga, Lifestyle & More

When I started this blog I was thirty-something. I was born in November 1977, so you can calculate 🙂 . Being in my forties now will not stop me from acting goofy with my son and it definitely won’t stop me from listening to my inner child. Yoga is a lifestyle. Yes, it  includes asanas […]


Hey, everyone! paperbacktomes is a book-blog where you can read my book reviews, recommendations, and thoughts on any book that I stumble upon. I mostly read Fantasy, YA, Historical, Classics, and Romance. Besides reading, I like watching Kdramas and funny shows that make my stomach hurt from laughing. If you need to know more, then […]

Mel On Paper

A blog about books, creative pursuits, gaming, mental health, and local wanderings.

Captain Phasma

A blog about Captain Phasma: filled with articles, jokes, fanfics and graphics.

Children of the Night

Blog about vampires – their legends, place in popculture – and with growing original content, like art or stories.