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I play Star Trek Online where my main character is named Heidy; hence, this blog is cleverly named "STOHeidy". Ha. Haha. Ha. So. Clever. I used to MUSH (online text-based Roleplay) a lot but for the most part I've moved on. I've played different MMOs in my time, including Rift, Swordsman, Black Desert Online, Skyforge, Champions Online, Lost Ark, Final Fantasy XIV but my primaries have been Star Trek Online and Guild Wars 2. No World of Warcraft though! I know, it's blasphemy, but I came late to the world of MMORPGs and WoW was no longer the cool kid when I started.

I like to ramble on about stuff, occasionally write fiction, doodle comic strips and randomly browse Wikipedia to fill my brain with junk information... everything from history to science to geopolitics. As a gamer, nerd culture is very much my jam, from movies to action figure collectibles to Sci-Fi/fantasy genres.

In real life (or whatever passes for it), I am a Chinese-Canadian based in British Columbia, Canada, home of the lovely Bigfoot and squiggly Ogopogo. Occasionally I am Ruler of All I Survey, but I work 5 days a week as... waitaminute, I'm not going to tell you where I work! >:p

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